It was a fantastic day for the club championship shoot, after some early rain passed through and cleared just in time for the first squad to go out.

There were 9 squads, including some birds only shooters (not included on the score sheet) in cool, cloudy conditions that saw shooters take to two courses to test their skills, and the course setters made everyone work for it.

Shane Terry and Rob Marcoionni ended up tying for high gun on 82. After a shootoff, Shane Terry won his third club championship in a row!

(Please note, you must be a club member to be a club champion. Non members, of course, won the normal prize of a generous amount of shells, donated by Bryan Stokes but could not win a plaque)

Shane Terry, 2017 overall club champion
Alex Burton, AA grade champion
Rob Marcoionni, A Grade Champion
Peter Perry, B Grade Champion
John Bennett, C grade Champion.