Corporate Days

Public shooting packages run on Saturdays only

Rocky Gully Sporting Clays offers a range of shooting packages or can tailor a special package for your needs.  The day can be presented simply as a fun day or it can be combined with team building, corporate development and product launches. The Shoot Team can assist you to make this a presentation and event that will promote you and your organisation or group.


Below is our list of packages. We find that these will usually suit most people’s needs, however, feel free to speak to us if you have specific requirement. PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum charge of $880 for all packages. This cost will cover 8 people for a standard package. Packages are normally run on Saturdays.

Standard Package

$110 per person for 30 targets, shooting a full sporting clays layout of 4 traps. Package includes ammuntion, gun hire, ammunition and licenced supervision by our instruction staff.

Gold Package

$150 per person for 50 targets, shooting a full sporting clays layout with six traps. Package includes gun hire, ammunition and licenced supervision by our instruction staff. This package is suitable for groups with some prior shooting knowledge who want a more advanced Sporting Clay experience.


Gift vouchers are available for shooting packages. Contact the Secretary on 0416056133


We have all been to the traditional golf Corporate Day or Team Building day. Rocky Gully Sporting Clays can now offer you, your staff and customers a new and exciting experience that will enable you to showcase your organisation and give everyone a real thrill. The Shoot Team will ensure that the day runs smoothly. All you need to do is have fun and present your business to your customers. Individual packages can be arranged to meet your needs.


If your social club is looking for a new and exciting event then Clay Target Shooting could be what you’re looking for. The Shoot Team will work with you to arrange all elements of the day. It’s fun and the competition part of the day is always guaranteed to get a lot of laughs. Self-catering keeps the cost down for this type of fun day.


Here is a chance to send off the bride or groom to be with a bang. After the fun of the shoot the group can party on at the Callington Pub which is just a few k’s up the road. The Calli crew can arrange a party to meet any of your needs including food, music and of course a cold drink.


Clay Target Shooting will provide a never to be forgotten experience that is different and exciting. Make your next party one that people will remember. The Shoot Team can assist you to arrange catering, provide a BBQ or book you into the Callington Hotel to complete the celebrations. Take the hassle out of your next party and come out to Rocky Gully Sporting Clays.


Safety is our first and main concern. When you attend a Rocky Gully Sporting Clays Corporate Day you will undertake an intensive shotgun safe handling training module. This will cover the 10 Rules of Firearm Safety and include a written and practical test.

All our instructors are highly experienced shooters who have competed for many years at State, National and International levels. They undertake special training to present the day and are able to impart a strong safety message to all participants in a clear and entertaining manner.

Only one participant will shoot at a time and when shooting they will be guided by their instructor who will be in close attendance. All shooting is done within a safety frame that limits the movement of the shotgun.

When not shooting participants will be seated in a shaded area. Ear and eye protection is provided to all participants and must be worn when shooting is taking place.


Rocky Gully Sporting Clays carries $10m public liability insurance that covers all participants from the time they come through the gate until they pass back through it. Because of the nature of the coverage participants must organize their own transport to and from the ground.





The Bendigo Bank team enjoyed a morning of Sporting Clays

The Bendigo Bank Executive team enjoyed some beautiful weather and the experience of shoot Sporting Clays recently. The introduction of a 20g gun into the programme has allowed people who are more lightly built to enjoy shooting clay targets even more. As part of the ‘adventure’ the team was not told what activity they were going to be doing and were given only a map reference. This led to quite a bit of banter and online research as they tried to find out where they were going. The day got off to an early start and after the Safety Induction the team got down to some shooting with the Club instructors.

A slightly different format was used with two stands being set back to back out front of the Club House with the safe area marked out with bunting. This allowed the group to meet their time line and to shoot a great variety of targets. The inclusion of ‘flash targets’ is now a regular part of these events and has increased the fun factor even more. Every puff of iridescent smoke provoked cheers and the mandatory reward of chocolate  from the instructors.

Bring your team or family out to ROCKY GULLY SPORTING CLAYS and enjoy a real fun activity.  Prepaid vouchers can be organised for birthdays and other special occasions. Call the Secretary for details and to discuss you next team building or fun day.


The Badge Team enjoyed lunch in the the sun on the deck.

Badge Construction brought two of their contract managment teams together for a team building experience at Rocky Gully on Sunday the 4th May. With 24 shooters 3 instuctors were needed to ensure the group would be able to shoot the full programme of 30 targers in time to be able to enjoy a BBQ lunch.

The shooters were divided into three squads and a mix from each team was achieved so that people working in different locations, and who consequently rarely actually see each other, could spend some time together. This did not distract from the fierce rivalry between the teams with individual scores being recored  and displayed to allow a final winner to be determined. The Minda team came out on top  by a couple of targets; bragging rights were claimed and no doubt will be exercised in the coming weeks.

Three stands were set up in front of the Club house and the squads shot 5 pairs of targets on each stand with flash targets were used to create some extra fun. Mini mars bars were awarded to shooters for hitting a flash target which of course prompted lots of cheering and laughter. Mars bars were also handed out by the instructors for any noteworthy shots made (or missed!). Overall prizes were also awarded to the Top Shot the NASA the Top Lady Shooter and the Winning Team; agian accompanied with much cheering and trash talk.

The weather was perfect and the shooters enjoyed a great BBQ lunch on the deck in the sunshine after the shooting was finished. The lunch started with dips and nuts, then lunch of steak, sausages, salads, crusty bread and followed by cheese platters to round of the meal. This ensured the party was able to linger over cheese, crackers, fruit with a glass of wine and relax in each others company. A great finish to a great day.

This is the second time that the Badge group has been to the Club; the first we were still in the old shed so they really noticed the improved facilities and several shooter commented that the Club should be, “proud of what it has achieved”. When comments like this are made it is a reflection on the huge effort put in by the Rocky Gully team and all the people who have helped in making our facilities so good by working or acting as a sponsor.

Several shooters showed some real natural skills and several are very keen to come back for some instruction with the possibility of becoming regular shooters. One shooter commented, “may son would love this” and made enquries about how he might be able to come back and bring his boy. We talked about what a great thing it is to belong to a club like Rocky Gully and to bart of the Sporting Clays scene and how family groups are especially welcome. Sporting Clays is a great thing for a mum or dad to be to share with their children; an outdoor activity that is challenging and fun while at the same time teaching young people to listen, follow instructions and to act responsibly.

The shooters went home having had a great day; they shoot some fun targets then enjoying a great lunch with their work mates. This won’t be the last time we see them.

Next time you’re thinking about a work group team building activity why not ring and discuss how you might come and enjoy shooting Sporting Clays at Rocky Gully.


Active Tree Services Xmas function 2013

Active Tree Services held their Xmas function for their supervisiors at Rocky Gully on the 12th of December and had a great time. Their CEO flew into town for the event and despite shooting the lowest score (much to the delight of all present) gave the Rocky Gully team some excellent feedback at the end of the event. Active came late in the day, chose the Gold Package and added a geat BBQ dinner dinner. The dinner included pre dinner drinks and nibbles and cheese platters after the meal.

With a group of this size three instuctors were needed. Active Tree Services were so pleased with the event that they are now looking at ways to bring their other staff to Rocky Gully for another bigger event. Why not bring your work team up to Rocky Gully for a great fun event? This is a great way to reward your team or just enjoy some fun with your friends.


Sporting Clays is an international sport enjoyed around the world. At the 2009 World Championship held in Warrnambool, Victoria, Damien Birgan from Brisbane shot his way to the top spot on the podium to become Australia’s first world champion.

Sporting Clays is exciting and fast moving with targets coming from all directions including along the ground. This type of shooting is intended to simulate field shooting where wild game is harvested for the table. It has now evolved into a challenging sport where clay targets are presented to the shooter to challenge their skills.

Now this safe and exciting sport can be enjoyed by people of all ages; no experience is necessary as our instructors will lead you through the day.