KRIEGHOFF GUN OF THE YEAR ON WAY TO ROCKY GULLY: Club member Bryan Stokes commissioned the Krieghoff 2016 Gun of The Year. Working with Australian Krieghoff Distributor Sox Philipasidis and Krieghoff in Germany Bryan finalised the brief for the engraving and then waited expectantly to see the result. The engraving has taken over a year to complete such is the complexity of the work. The result was unveiled at the IWA Gun Show in Nuremberg this month and it is can truly be described as breathtaking in both scale and execution. It is one of those rare situation where words cannot truly convey the beauty of a work of art.

In this case Bryan has acted as a patron of the art of metal engraving. It it only through patronage that such an amazing art form can continue and such a breathtaking piece be produced. Bryan is to be congratulated for commissioning this outstanding example of the art of metal engraving. Unusually Bryan plans to shoot the gun in competitions so we all be able to see and hold it when he brings it to our range. In fact this has never been done before and the people at Krieghoff are still not able to get their collective heads around this. Normally these guns are kept safely locked away and never used, not this one. As Bryan said it is a gun and should be used for the purpose it was intended.

Bryan is being custom fitted to his gun in Germany and when he returns to Australia, after competing at the FITASC 2016 World Championship in Italy we will conduct an interview with him about the process and experience of becoming the owner of the Krieghoff Gun of The Year.

The gun is featured on the Krieghoff Australia Facebook page and on the Krieghoff website. We can report that Bryan has already had offers to buy the gun for more than he paid for it, but it is not for sale.