Committee votes on transfer title at August meeting. At the August meeting of the Rocky Gully Committee two motions were passed that will lead directly to the transfer of the title to the Rocky Gully Range to the members of SAFGA Southern Branch. Firstly, the decision was taken to repay the Club’s outstanding loan to SAFGA. Currently the balance of this loan is $10,000. Our  plan was always to use the profit from the FITASC Oceania Championship to repay this loan. With Oceania returning a healthy profit to the Club this can now be done. Secondly, a motion was passed directing the Secretary of Southern Branch to work with the Secretary of SAFGA to complete other tasks that need to be done enable the transfer to occur. The decision for us to do this was taken at the 2015 Southern Branch AGM and the State Council has agreed to the transfer pending all necessary paper work is completed.

This is a wonderful achievement that has taken a number of years to achieve after a lot of hard work by the Committee. Rocky Gully can now look forward to an even brighter future as ownership of our most valuable asset (the land) will enable the Club to undertake an expansion of facilities and to do so with certainty.