Permanent Practice Field

On the topic of practice, Rocky Gully is pleased to announce that our long-planned project to build a permanent Practice field has been partially funded by a grant from the SA Office of Recreation and Sport. Thanks to this grant we can make this dream a reality for you, our members.

Our plan is to construct a permanent practice layout, with 7 traps in semi mobile shelters powered by solar panels. The facility will be a charge card driven system and powered by a smart voice release target control system, so all you need to do is swipe your card through the controller to start a round and get into the stand and call “pull” and the system throws you a target. It can detect the report of your gun to throw a second target when you get you your pairs or if it doesn’t hear a gun report, it registers a “no bird”.

We hope this system will be completed early next year and when we are finished, this will allow us to open much more often for our members to practice at more times.

Please ask any of our committee about it if you would like to hear more and we would be happy to talk about it.