SET UP RECORD. All Club time records for a Set Up were broken last Saturday. In an attempt to train more target setters a new approach was adopted when it came time to set the course for the July shoot. A planning meeting was held at 9.00am for all the people who wanted to be involved in setting the eight stands for a Shotgun Start 100 target course. The Club President Patrick Torrens was the Shoot Coordinator for this event and chaired the Planning Session. While we did not get a big number of new people involved this format gave the less experienced Club setters a real opportunity to gain hands on experience in the setting of a course. It only took around 30 minutes for the course to be planned with input from the setters and Patrick.

Four teams were formed and each then had to set two layouts, each with three traps. That meant that each team had to take out only six traps and set up two shooting positions for each layout. Take a look at the diagrams and explanations of the various shoot formats at the bottom of the NEXT SHOOT page this might make what is required clearer.

After lunch Patrick led a team of setters to inspect and adjust the trajectories where this was needed . Patrick reported that he was pleasantly surprised at the small number of changes that were needed on the inspection. Patrick also reported that from his perspective the set up had gone “very, very well”, with the whole set up of the eight stands being completed by approximately 2.30pm.

There was a great atmosphere in the Club House at lunch time as the teams returned from their duties. The main topic of discussion being what the predicated weather would be like on Sunday and what was needed to minimize the effects of the predicted wind change in the afternoon.

The same structured approach to setting up will be adopted for the August shoot, which is the Rocky Gully round of the State Team Selection series. If you would like to be involved contact the Club Secretary or just turn up on the day. You will get the chance to be ‘hands on’ in setting trajectories. This offer is open to any member of SCA.